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MTM Steel Dump Trailer

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Our New Seamless-Side Tub

President Ben Endress walks you through the benefits of the new MTM model right in our 240,000 sq ft state-of-the-art factory.

  • Lighter
  • Tougher
  • Sleeker
Close up of an MTM trailer


  • For concrete and per-ton rock haulers, we can now use 1/4 inch thick HARDOX steel to form the tub’s bottom, and up to 3/16th inch on the sides. This decreases weight while increasing strength.


  • We now use an overlap weld which is stronger than our previous butt weld.
  • The fewer the seams, the fewer vulnerable spots on your trailer!
  • Easily replaceable liner to greatly extend the trailer’s lifespan.
Line of red MTM trailers
Black MTM trailers lined up in the factory


  • A seamless side looks great with no weld seam for paint to potentially chip around and rust.
  • Vertical seam inside the tub doesn’t catch asphalt and dirt like a horizontal seam, allowing for better clean-out.

New MTM Model: The lightest, most durable trailer ever available.