Best Quality Scrap Dump Trailers

Factory Direct Blowout

Get the TOUGHEST BUILT Scrap Dump Trailer Available

  • Completely computerized 240,000 sq ft factory in Kewanee, Illinois
  • Lowest cost of operation as assessed by independent fleet managers
  • Industry leading 5-yr warranty


  • 40′
  • Frameless
  • 60″, 66″, 72″, 84″, or 96″ tall sides


  • Certified welders
  • No skip welds
  • Everything built in the USA


  • Front lift-axle or regular air ride suspension
  • Spring suspension
  • Barn door or swing tailgate
  • Steel or aluminum rims
  • Optional air gauges, tire rack carrier

“I have owned Dierzen, Pit Boss, Kruz, Clement, Heritage, and Hilbilt trailers. MTM delivers the highest quality, best weight and value for price over any of the other builders."

Libardo Lizarazo - Owner of Matias fleet

Finally a trailer tough as you.

And we've got all the gritty details to convince you.

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