Cost of Operation

Our trailers, as assessed by independent fleet owners in the Chicagoland area.

After visiting the factories of multiple regional players, our prospects found that MTM had the nicest facility and best manufacturing process.

Continuing their research, interested buyers found that MTM’s trailers were on average 967 lbs lighter than comparable manufacturers. The extra revenue per load that could be hauled in an MTM trailer can be seen via the following assumptions.

  • Our competitors: $5.57 revenue per ton x 21.5 tons x 7 loads = $838.28 per day
  • MTM Trailers: $5.57 revenue per ton x 22 tons x 7 loads = $857.78 per day
  • This results in extra revenue for an MTM trailer of $19.50/day, $97.50/week, or $3,900/year based on a 40 weeks per year of operation.

Interested asphalt haulers also spent around $3000 a year to clean their aluminum trailers, not taking into account accidents, driver dissatisfaction with the task, and lost production time for having to stop and clean. MTM insulated steel trailers are designed to simply dump and go, perfect for asphalt and aggregate.

Concluding their research, our buyers are confident in the projected lower maintenance costs of MTM as compared to other manufacturers, citing our attention to detail, and pins and bushings grooved with grease journals right in our factory.

MTM Semi Dump Trailer being built

Leave Downtime in the Dust

We know that when your trailer stops, so does your business. That’s why our factory is completely standardized, with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines ensuring precision and consistency. When you need a new part, we already have an exact replacement ready to ship. No need to pay for a custom part or bring your trailer back to the factory.

Our 5 year limited warranty
We stand by our trailers and our clients. So when you need to get back on the road, we’re gonna make it happen.

  • Guaranteed defect-free materials and workmanship.
  • Frame structure, body, subframe or frame parts of the equipment found to be defective within the warranty periods shall be repaired or replaced.
  • Stop at our factory or official MTM service centers located at
    • Luka Express: 600 S Lombard Road, Addison IL
    • Transportation Repair and Services, Inc
      • 7001 Santa Fe Drive, Hodgkins, IL 60525
      • 708.482.9292
  • Any parts not manufactured by MTM will carry their own warranties.


View our full warranty contract.

Lowest-cost trailer financing available

We work with a specialized creditor that understands the cash flow needs of owner-operators and fleet owners like you, making sure you have the capital to shift your business into high gear.

  • Home-ownership NOT Mandatory
  • Sole Proprietors welcome
  • Great lending terms
  • Extremely competitive rates
  • Specialized financing solutions for semi trucking industry

Call 708.584.3820 to learn more and view an application.

Two MTM Trailers. One in Chicago and one on a country road.

Higher Resale Value

MTM semi end dumps are built to last.

Our certified welders make elliptical-bottom trailer tubs from just two 450 HARDOX Steel plates, halving the area where the tub is most vulnerable.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t buy stock pins. All our pivot points are grooved in the factory, using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. Our custom bushings take and hold grease, quadrupling their life and preventing your trailer from being worn down and loosened up.

Steel Round Bottom end Dum Trailer