Factory Tour

Stage: 1

Frame and Suspension

  • Formed in set fixtures, ensuring consistency so that you can expect the same quality product every time.
  • Axles are preheated before welding for a tighter fit and a more stable trailer.
  • Unlike our competitors, we don’t buy stock pins. All our pivot points are grooved in the factory, using CNC machines. Our custom bushings take and hold grease, quadrupling their life and preventing your trailer from being worn down and loosened up.

Stage: 2


  • Welded by Hardox certified staff using MTM-specific weld procedures designed to ensure correct dimensions and prevent warping.
  • Our elliptical trailers are built with just two sheets, lowering weld seam vulnerability by half.
  • Our CNC roller makes uniform sides with computerized precision.
  • Our round-bottom includes an 18” overhang to avoid bottoming-out in the asphalt paver and eliminate the need to clean out the trailer— just dump and go.

Stage: 3

Clean, Paint, and Finish

  • All foreign material removed with environmentally friendly aluminium oxide blast.
  • Two part urethane primer and industrial enamel with hardener paint.
  • “Plug & play” sealed wiring units prevent moisture from compromising the trailer’s electrical performance.